What’s going on with the Coronavirus shipping delays and stock problems?

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This question may seem rhetorical, but it’s one that many nootropics biohackers are asking their modafinil vendors.

Why exactly can we order from most e-commerce sites, Amazon even, and not experience a delay in shipping?

It turns out the main reason for this is the generic pharmaceutical companies are mostly headquartered in India. India, at the time of writing, is on almost complete shutdown. This means outbound cargo planes are restricted and works are not even allowed to leave their homes (for the most part). This paralyzes the entire generic pharmaceutical industry. And I’m not just talking about modafinil or armodafinil here, this means things like generic Cialis, generic Viagra, and anything else in between.

So your vendor ships from Singapore or another country other than India? The chances are, that these shipping points receive their stock directly from, you guessed it, India. Therefore, keeping a close eye on the COVID situation and their restrictions is critical to know, on our own, so we are not at the mercy of the shops.

ModafinilXl, for instance, has been out of stock for months, and they blame it on Singapore and India being locked down. BuyModa, however, has stock and has been successfully shipping during this entire time. Could this be because BuyModa has the foresight to ensure copious amounts of stock be on hand in the case of contingencies needing to be in place? Perhaps. How is BuyModa shipping out of Singapore, if ModafinilXL is telling us it’s shut down.

Well, I can tell you.

I placed an order on March 30th and received it on April 25th. The tracking shows it was sent from, wait for it, Singapore!

So, as we can see, we can’t always trust what the vendors tell us and a little common sense goes a long way. Stay informed. I took one for the team in placing this order during the COVID pandemic to see if BuyModa was truly still shipping, and from Singapore so you don’t have to.

Pay attention to the COVID stats for India and Singapore. Pay attention to the news issued from both India and abroad to see when they relax restrictions. Only then, can you know for yourself when normalcy can be expected by any vendor, regardless of what they say.

The news of late suggests that generic pharmaceutical shipping will be back to normal sooner, rather than later, which is a great thing on many levels. Let’s stay vigilant, on our own behalf, so we don’t have to rely on obviously biased information from vendors.

As of October 16th, it looks like most vendors are back to almost pre-COVID shipping times.





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