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What I Learned About Modafinil

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I’ve never had any experiences with nootropics before I was introduced to Modafinil by a friend from back in college.

He was raving about how focused and productive he was and I was curious as to how he was pulling this off.

I knew he partook in morning coffee, but this guy was on a whole other level, all day, every day.

I asked him how he does it and that is when he changed my life forever.

First, he started explaining nootropics in general. He told me about the myriad success stories from notable publications and people.

I don’t remember the specific story, but it was about some Fortune 500 Silicon Valley CEO and the guy attributed his success almost entirely to Modafinil!

Now that he had my undivided attention, I wanted to learn more about these study pills. Moreso, I couldn’t wait to try some.

After doing my own research via YouTube videos, Googling studies and articles by such media outlets as Harvard Business Review, Scientific American, Wired and more, it was time to read some reviews and find a trustworthy online pharmacy to buy my first Modafinil, preferably one that specializes in nootropics.

There were a bunch at the top of Google, but they mostly felt like hinky operations based overseas.

I found which was proudly waving an American flag and their live support people were clearly not ESL. This looks like the kind of place I want to get my modafinil and armodafinil drugs!

I ordered 30 pills of a generic version of Provigil (Modafinil) called Modalert 200 mg tablets.

I received a 20% discount for ordering with Bitcoin as my payment. I didn’t notice any discount for paying with credit cards via Amazon e-gift cards, but they did note I’d receive a 20% pills bonus on subsequent orders.

All in all, I received my shipment of Modafinil in 6 days and IT WAS ON!

My next post will be about my first experiences with nootropics and other smart drugs.

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