How to watch for fraud in the modafinil pharmacy world

Tips For Buying Modafinil Online Securely

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There are many places to buy modafinil online. What should we be looking out for when selecting your modafinil pharmacy to purchase with?

Be careful of many review sites as they are simply there to make advertising money and are inherently biased.

Also, be careful of sites that are based in third world countries. Oftentimes, they will use shady credit card processors (and through no intent of their own), the processors will use your card for other purposes and you end up with a mess.

Many of the biggest modafinil vendors have gone down, apparently due to their credit card practices. Some of the previous best modafinil pharmacies that fell were DuckDos, Modup, and Modafinilcat.

To find a solid site that is not in the third world and using questionable credit card processors:

  • Check the grammar on their site
  • Check the quality of their product photos.
  • Ask them if they can issue you a PayPal invoice. PayPal is trust and gives you recourse should you have issues.
  • Ensure they have some sort of Live Chat box on their site. You can easily pick up foreign operators this way. Also, if they don’t want to chat with you real-time, why? Why do they need to respond to you in 12 hours or so?

All in all, there are many places. Just steer clear of the obvious pitfalls that I’ve listed above and you’ll be good.

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