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Information and recommended pharmacies selling modafinil, armodafinil, and brands like Modalert, Waklert, Modvigil. These brand names are from India's #1 drug manufacturers and are generic forms of Provigil. This section will have reviews, user guides, commentary and general smart drug, BuyModa awesomeness.

How To Buy Modafinil In Thailand – Is It Legal?

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How To Buy Modafinil In Thailand – Is It Legal?

Buying modafinil in Thailand at actual pharmacies can be hard. You can find modafinil (Modalert, Modvigil, Provigil) primarily at pharmacies in the tourist zones of Bangkok. If you are looking to buy locally outside of Bangkok, don’t expect to have much luck.

Is Modafinil legal in Thailand?

You may be surprised that the answer is a resounding YES.

From Thailand’s own Narcotics Control Division of the Food and Drug Administration and the Ministry of Public Health website:

Provigil / Modafinil – General Drug – The drug is not classified as a narcotic drug or psychotropic substance according to Narcotics Act B.E. 2522.

Modafinil in Thailand is legal

An application for a permit from Thai FDA is not required.

Now that we know modafinil and armodafinil are legal in Thailand, what’s the best way to get it if we don’t want to physically walk into a pharmacy in downtown Bangkok, or we are not staying near downtown Bangkok?

Your best bet is going to be an online modafinil specialist pharmacy.

Some good options for buying modafinil at an online pharmacy are:

Afinilexpress – They ship from India, which takes longer and has a higher chance of getting stopped at Thai Customs
BuyModa – They ship from Singapore and I’ve had all of my orders arrive within 4 days.

Thailand’s close proximity to Singapore makes the shipping really fast.

My goal was to keep this post short and sweet, but I may revisit this subject of the legality of nootropics such as modafinil and armodafinil in Thailand in the future.

Tips For Buying Modafinil Online Securely

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How to watch for fraud in the modafinil pharmacy world

There are many places to buy modafinil online. What should we be looking out for when selecting your modafinil pharmacy to purchase with?

Be careful of many review sites as they are simply there to make advertising money and are inherently biased.

Also, be careful of sites that are based in third world countries. Oftentimes, they will use shady credit card processors (and through no intent of their own), the processors will use your card for other purposes and you end up with a mess.

Many of the biggest modafinil vendors have gone down, apparently due to their credit card practices. Some of the previous best modafinil pharmacies that fell were DuckDos, Modup, and Modafinilcat.

To find a solid site that is not in the third world and using questionable credit card processors:

  • Check the grammar on their site
  • Check the quality of their product photos.
  • Ask them if they can issue you a PayPal invoice. PayPal is trust and gives you recourse should you have issues.
  • Ensure they have some sort of Live Chat box on their site. You can easily pick up foreign operators this way. Also, if they don’t want to chat with you real-time, why? Why do they need to respond to you in 12 hours or so?

All in all, there are many places. Just steer clear of the obvious pitfalls that I’ve listed above and you’ll be good.

3 types of people key to the Rise of Modafinil

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Study drugs and nootropics at university

When one thinks of nootropics or smart pills, the first drug that comes to mind is often Modafinil. Over the course of a few decades, Modafinil has established itself as the de-facto king of all smart drugs.

Who uses smart drugs and why?

Smart drugs, specifically Modafinil, are used for both on and off-label purposes. The major on-label reasons for taking modafinil are to treat narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, and to promote a healthier sleep schedule in shift-workers who often work odd late hours.

But what about popular off-label uses?

The military

In 2012 the United States military named Modafinil as the only drug approved for Air Force pilots for fatigue management. The military refers to these drugs as ‘go-pills’.

To this day Modafinil is the only form of energy-boosting smart drugs given to members of the military. Currently, the USA, China, India, Germany, the UK, France.

Some believe that the military solely gives these pills to pilots. This is not so. Depending on many factors, if a mission exposes the troops to sleep deprivation.

Modafinil has been the go-to solution for the world’s militaries as a very effective alternative to amphetamine which they had previously used before the advent of Modafinil.

University students

In the UK alone, Oxford University student magazine Cherwell found that 25% of British students admitted to taking study drugs.

In the United States, a recent study of over 75,000 students indicated that over 30% of students admitted to taking smart drugs in the previous 12 months.

About half of the students who said they used study drugs claim they got their modafinil from a friend, 6 percent got them from a family member, 10 percent bought them online and only 4 percent actually had been prescribed the medicines.


Professionals around the world, most notably in the high function Silicon Valley, modafinil and other study drugs have played vital roles in productivity. In a professional environment, a high functioning, non-fatigued, zeroed-in focus and a perked up memory can be what makes or breaks you.

Professionals in careers that require their brain’s performance be almost Limitless, like the Silicon Valley, thrive on smart drugs. Numerous programmers, software engineers and even CEO’s in the Valley have admitted to the liberal use of smart drugs and attribute drugs such as modafinil as key factors in their success.

While these three groups are well known for their acceptance of smart drugs, there remain many other types that take the drugs just to get an overall edge against the world-at-large. I could go on for days about the number of writers, athletes, gamers and other walks of life that also take study drugs to enhance their cognition, but that’s for another day, another article.

What I Learned About Modafinil

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I’ve never had any experiences with nootropics before I was introduced to Modafinil by a friend from back in college.

He was raving about how focused and productive he was and I was curious as to how he was pulling this off.

I knew he partook in morning coffee, but this guy was on a whole other level, all day, every day.

I asked him how he does it and that is when he changed my life forever.

First, he started explaining nootropics in general. He told me about the myriad success stories from notable publications and people.

I don’t remember the specific story, but it was about some Fortune 500 Silicon Valley CEO and the guy attributed his success almost entirely to Modafinil!

Now that he had my undivided attention, I wanted to learn more about these study pills. Moreso, I couldn’t wait to try some.

After doing my own research via YouTube videos, Googling studies and articles by such media outlets as Harvard Business Review, Scientific American, Wired and more, it was time to read some reviews and find a trustworthy online pharmacy to buy my first Modafinil, preferably one that specializes in nootropics.

There were a bunch at the top of Google, but they mostly felt like hinky operations based overseas.

I found which was proudly waving an American flag and their live support people were clearly not ESL. This looks like the kind of place I want to get my modafinil and armodafinil drugs!

I ordered 30 pills of a generic version of Provigil (Modafinil) called Modalert 200 mg tablets.

I received a 20% discount for ordering with Bitcoin as my payment. I didn’t notice any discount for paying with credit cards via Amazon e-gift cards, but they did note I’d receive a 20% pills bonus on subsequent orders.

All in all, I received my shipment of Modafinil in 6 days and IT WAS ON!

My next post will be about my first experiences with nootropics and other smart drugs.

Visit BuyModa by clicking here for all of your modafinil needs.

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