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Here we will discuss all things armodafinil, or generic Nuvigil related. Popular brands we will include in our guides and reviews are Waklert and Artvigil produced by SUN Pharm and HAB pharma.

The Best Way to Buy Modafinil in Australia

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We get a lot of requests from readers asking about how to get Modafinil in Australia. It seems our Australian friends are having a tough time finding reputable sites that ship down under. Well, worry no more, because Nootropics Reviews has got your back.

Most sites focus on Modafinil in the USA or other western hemisphere countries. Australia’s unique location can make it tricky to find a good vendor of generic Modafinil. Also, plenty of Australians worry about their shipment even arriving due to legal issues. We’ll cover everything you need to know so that you can buy Modafinil in Australia without any problems.

The Best Way to Buy Modafinil in Australia

What Is Modafinil?


Modafinil is the name of the active ingredient in the brand name product Provigil. Today it’s possible to buy generic Modafinil online from a variety of vendors, meaning you don’t need to pay for expensive brand name Provigil anymore. This potent pill was created to combat narcolepsy, a condition that causes patients to fall asleep at seemingly random moments.

Narcolepsy can seriously limit your quality of life, as basic activities such as driving can become deadly. When Modafinil hit the market, it was a game-changer. However, curious consumers who didn’t have narcolepsy noticed a completely different effect. The pill kept them alert, vigilant, and gave them a boost in cognitive function and productivity.

Since then, scientists and researchers have tested Modafinil on regular individuals and have confirmed these anecdotal reports. Even the military has tried using Modafinil to help keep pilots awake! Today, hundreds of thousands of people use Modafinil as a nootropic.

What Are the Generic Forms of Modafinil?


When you go shopping for Modafinil online, you might get a bit confused by all the different names. Since its patent expired in 2015, any pharmaceutical company can produce it and call it whatever they like. As a result, there are dozens of generic brands on the market.

However, when you look online, you’re most likely going to find two brands: Modvigil and Modalert, made by HAB Pharma and Sun Pharmaceuticals respectively. Both of these are Indian laboratories that have an excellent reputation for quality and export their products around the world.

The products are very similar. Both brands contain 200mg of the active ingredient in each pill and are perforated for easy splitting if you prefer a lighter dose.

Is Modafinil Legal in Australia?


It absolutely is! Modafinil is registered under code 8816B in the Australian Government’s PBS system. It is currently a Schedule 4 medication in the country, which means that you can only buy it with a prescription.

Currently, the Australian health system only recognizes Modafinil for narcolepsy treatment. However, as studies have found that Modafinil could be useful for addiction and ADHD treatment, these applications are under review.

Can You Buy Modafinil in Australia?


If you have a prescription, you can buy Modafinil from your local pharmacy in Australia. However, the government typically issues 100mg pills in packs of 60. There is also a limit of 10 packs per prescription. If you want to keep buying, you’ll have to go back to the doctor.

Generic Modafinil is sold under a few different names in Australia, including Modafinil, Modavigil, APO-Modafinil, and others.


Another option is to order Modafinil online and have it shipped to Australia. This is even more convenient as you don’t have to leave your home. But is it legal? This is a question we get all the time, so let’s find out.

Is It Legal to Import Modafinil?


Australia has very flexible rules when it comes to importing medicines from outside the country. The most important rule is that you do not resell the medicine to anyone else. Under the personal importation scheme, you’re allowed to import a 3-month supply of any medicine.

What’s even better about this method is that you can order stronger doses of 200mg. A three-month supply would be 90, 200mg pills, which is 50% more than you can get at the local pharmacy in Australia.

Now, the government does say that you need to have a prescription in the first place since the drug is Schedule 4. However, as we’ll see, this rule isn’t strictly enforced.

Australian Customs and Modafinil


While Australia is notoriously good at catching large drug shipments entering the country, it focuses almost exclusively on big busts. Being essentially a giant island means that everything that is imported passes through a small number of locations, making it easy to find illegal shipments. For instance, a gigantic package of over 86,000 benzodiazepine pills was caught recently when a man tried to fly them into the country.

But as this article mentions, the government doesn’t really focus on smaller shipments. This makes sense considering that it’s legal to import medicines like Modafinil into Australia. Their postal service even admits that it cannot readily catch these smaller shipments.

If your order were seized, you would be asked to pick it up in person and provide your prescription. If you don’t have one and simply don’t go to pick up the package, there’s really nothing the government can do, since it’s nearly impossible to prove that you were actually the one who placed the order based on the package alone. So don’t worry about any potential legal problems.

How Long Does It Take for Modafinil to Arrive in Australia?


Australians are used to waiting a while for their packages. The location doesn’t do them any favors! However, you might be able to get your order faster than you think.

Since most of the generic Modafinil online comes from the aforementioned Indian laboratories, most orders are shipped directly from India. Given its proximity to Australia relative to western countries, you could get your order in less than a couple of weeks.

You might even be able to get it faster if you opt for a company that ships from a location that’s closer to Australia. The only one on the market right now that can claim that is BuyModa, which ships directly from Singapore in most cases. Of course, given the current COVID situation, your times may vary as postal services are often running with fewer workers these days.

What Payment Options Does BuyModa Accept?


BuyModa is one of the only Modafinil vendors we’ve come across to support Australia’s most popular online payment methods. They accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (with a 20% discount), PayPal, credit cards, BPay, and PayID.

Another reason we like BuyModa for Australians is that they have free shipping on orders over $150, and if your order doesn’t arrive for any reason you get one free reship. If that one doesn’t arrive, then they just give you your money back, which is pretty impressive.

Why Is Modafinil So Popular in Australia?

After getting several requests to make this article, we got to wondering what the nootropic scene in Australia was like. We were rather surprised to read that Australia was the 4th largest market for modafinil. It seems to be quite popular.

As we read on, the picture became clear. It turns out that there are two groups that are driving Modafinil use in Australia: Students and Professionals. While the first was somewhat expected, the second surprised us.

The Most Popular Study Pill

Australia is known for having a very competitive university scene. Especially since large numbers of high-performing students come in from abroad, there’s a lot of pressure to keep up. This recent article mentioned how several students used Modafinil to finish their thesis or to study for exams.


This is one of the most common uses of Modafinil worldwide, so it should come as no surprise that it’s popular in Australian universities for the same reason. Modafinil is not only much easier to get than other popular study pills, but it’s easier on the body as well.


Business Use Is Booming

This was the type of user we didn’t expect to find much in Australia. On paper, Australians work just 37.5 hours a week, which seems fairly light compared to other countries like the United States or Japan. But that’s just the definition of a legal full-time workweek.

In reality, it seems that Australians are working much harder than that. One expert was quoted as saying that 20% of Australian men are putting in more than 50 hours a week! No wonder they need a ‘pick me up’!

When you consider how many users report that Modafinil increases their productivity and helps them stay focused for longer periods of time, it makes sense why these two groups would be looking to buy Modafinil online. If you use Modafinil in Australia, let us know how it helps you!


And as always, keep coming back to Nootropics Reviews Guide for the latest news on Modafinil and other nootropics.


Buy Moda is our recommended modafinil vendor for Australia.

Renewed Interest by Pharmaceutical Industry May Help Travelers Deal with Jet Lag

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Using Provigile modafinil for jet lag

From airport security to long flights, and the anxiety of arriving in an unfamiliar place – there is no doubt traveling can be exhausting.  One of the greatest difficulties of long-distance travel is jet lag, as it can affect travelers for several days after arriving at their destination.  Jet lag is among the most common sleep disorders and affects all travelers – from frequent fliers to occasional vacationers.  The symptoms of jet lag generally include daytime fatigue, sleep disruption, and difficulty concentrating, however, it may also cause dehydration, coordination problems, irritability, and even digestive problems.

Jet lag happens because rapid travel over time zones throws off the circadian rhythms by disrupting the “biological clock” which is paced by many daily routines, such as meal times and light exposure. It occurs when crossing two or more time zones, and is typically worse when traveling east due to the fact that the natural rhythm of the clock tends to favor drift to later and later bedtimes and wake times, and therefore adapts more quickly when we travel in a direction that creates this type of delay. While it is only a “temporary” sleep disorder, jet lag can create challenges for travelers and make it difficult to take full advantage of trips, especially when they are short duration.  The excessive sleepiness of jet lag can be dangerous when someone tries to drive a car or operate machinery.

With business and international travel on the rise, pharmaceutical companies have sought remedies to minimize the effects of jet lag. Currently, the drug Nuvigil (Armodafinil), produced by Cephalon, is pending approval from the F.D.A (U.S) to become the first drug available to specifically combat jet lag. Nuvigil is a prescription medicine used to improve wakefulness throughout the day in adults with excessive sleepiness and is now prescribed to patients with sleep disorders such as narcolepsy, and shift-work disorder. In treating jet lag, Nuvigil could be approved to treat the sleepiness associated with jet lag disorder, but not to shift the body clock to the new time zone. Cephalon plans to aim Nuvigil at business travelers traveling to Europe for a couple of days, and not to those staying longer term. But with the high cost – about $9.00 (U.S) per pill for each day of travel, Nuvigil will have to compete with its much less expensive predecessor modafinil (Alertec, Provigil), which is a virtually identical product. With strong online modafinil and armodafinil vendors online such as BuyModa, boasting prices of under $1, the choices are endless, yet, pretty clear. Yes… the pharmaceutical industry keeps finding ways to reformulate and patent drugs to keep the profits high. But until these products are approved,  travelers will have to turn to other common and more accessible strategies such as coffee, sleeping pills, and melatonin.

While there is no cure for jet lag, there are some easy tips to minimize its effects and promote fun, safe, and smooth travels:

  • Start shifting your schedule a few days before your flight (i.e going to bed earlier, shifting mealtimes)
  • Stay well hydrated while airborne
  • Adapt to your new schedule while in flight (i.e change your watch and eating/sleeping patterns accordingly)
  • Try to arrive early in the day and stay up until at least 10:00 pm on the day you arrive
  • Spend time outside during the day as natural light will promote wakefulness
  • Move around! Both while in-flight and at your new destination
  • Consume food that is similar to what you would have at home. The all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet is never a good idea unless you routinely visit one on the way to work each morning

Modafinil Information – Buy Online With Confidence

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Buy generic provigil online cheap

Those seeking to buy modafinil can usually do so at their local pharmacy with a doctor’s prescription, but this isn’t always the best approach to take.

Buying modafinil online offers a wealth of benefits, not the least of which includes a wider range of competition instead of your local pharmacies. Buying your modafinil online also costs less and enables discreet home delivery, which is something that most traditional pharmacies don’t provide.

While you don’t need a prescription to buy modafinil online, there are still some precautions to keep in mind, including learning how to find a reputable vendor for your medicine.

Here we will talk about Provigil (sold online under generic brands such as Modalert, Modvigil, Vilafinil), how it works, where to find it online, and safety tips to keep in mind.

What is Provigil (Modafinil)?

At its core, Provigil (modafinil) is both a nootropic and eugeroic. If you’ve never taken this medication before, then you may be unfamiliar with these terms.

Eugeroic medications are those that promote wakefulness in their users. Caffeine is a very popular type of eugeroic used throughout the world, inhibiting sleepiness and thus promoting wakefulness in those who consume it.

Modafinil excels at this task, increasing wakefulness neurotransmitters like histamine, norepinephrine, and dopamine. Users also report treatment leads to hours of improved focus and alertness, even after long hours at school or work.

Nootropic compounds improve cognitive function. Other commonly known and used nootropics include alpha-GPC, Piracetam, and L-Theanine. Provigil qualifies as a nootropic since it improves concentration and memory in its users. Likewise, it improves workflow efficiency, allowing its users to perform cognitive work at a stronger level for longer periods.

Why Do People Prefer Modafinil?

Generic Provigil is hardly the only eugeroic or nootropic out there, so what makes it so popular for those in need of a cognitive boost?

1. Modafinil is Powerful and Efficient

Modafinil isn’t a pioneer of the concept of cognitive enhancement. Thousands of substances can positively impact the human brain, and Provigil is only one of them.

The reason it’s so popular is that it’s one of the most potent boosters out there. It only takes about an hour to take effect, and it lasts for over six hours. During those six hours, you’ll notice a profound improvement in memory and mental function.

Most other supplements aren’t nearly as fast-acting, requiring that you take them for a few days consistently before noticing any changes in cognition. Not only do you have to keep taking these supplements to sustain the effect, but the effect you do feel is rather subtle.

Simply put, Provigil is one of the best options you can take to improve work efficiency, increased productivity, or enhanced memory in a relatively immediate timeframe.

2. Provigil Has Few Side Effects

Provigil can be compared to Adderall and Ritalin in terms of efficiency and potency. However, unlike these amphetamines and phenylethylamines, there aren’t nearly as many side effects associated with Provigil.

In all cases, the drugs interact with the dopamine neurotransmitter to make it more susceptible to receiving dopamine. Ritalin and Adderall operate throughout the entire brain, which can cause the body to suffer in other ways. For example, they commonly result in:

  • Severe insomnia
  • Dizziness
  • Blurred vision
  • Changes in personality
  • Hair loss
  • Fevers
  • Dry mouth
  • Irritability
  • Much more ranging in severity

Provigil is not free some side effects, but they’re from a much narrower scope. Besides dopamine, it works with the orexin system in the brain. This system governs the waking part of the so-called “sleep-wake cycle.”

That said, the main consequences you may experience from taking Provigil are headaches and insomnia.

The long list of side effects that other stimulants come with is a major reason why doctors prefer to prescribe Provigil for narcolepsy and related disorders.

3. Provigil Has No Known Withdrawal Effects

Other nootropic pharmaceuticals come with serious withdrawal symptoms, also known as the “rebound effect.” Withdrawal is the crash that happens after you stop taking a medication.

Amphetamines, in particular, cause strong withdrawals, leading to anxiety and depression once the boost wears off from your dose. Understandably, this sometimes leads to a dependency cycle as someone may take the medication again to relieve the negative feelings.

Modafinil, on the other hand, doesn’t come with a rebound effect, so its users find stopping results in a gradual return to normal. In other words, there’s little risk in giving Provigil a try, even if you don’t have time off the next day to recover.

4. Provigil is Easily Accessible

In most countries, you need a prescription to acquire Provigil. Nonetheless, it’s possible to obtain it online with ease.

Online vendors operating out of countries that do not have this law make an online purchase possible. For example, most vendors operate out of India because the country’s loose pharmaceutical laws don’t restrict who can purchase its medication. With the advent of the Internet and our ability to rapidly ship goods, you can see just how easy it is to find quality Provigil from a reputable vendor.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy Generic Provigil?

The exact cost of Provigil depends on where you buy it and who made it.

Seeking out the name brand Provigil would be the most expensive route, costing nearly as much as $50 per dose. Depending on your health insurance, it may be cheaper to take the prescription route for the brand name.

Virtually identical generic brands run for much less money. HAB Pharmaceuticals and Sun Pharmaceuticals have generic versions that they each sell for less than $3 per dose. Buying in bulk allows you to pay less per dose as well. Certain vendors provide even greater discounts if you can pay with a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin., for instance, offers a 35% discount when paying with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

The reason you can access major discounts with cryptocurrency is that credit card companies charge exorbitant fees to vendors that sell medication online. Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrency do not charge these fees, so the vendors can adjust the price to pass the savings on to you.

You’ll also notice that shipping from India and similar countries isn’t expensive, either. It’s often less expensive to buy something from India than it is to buy from another U.S. state. Why? The sheer volume of Indian exports offers virtually infinite opportunities to take advantage of government subsidies, cheaper shipping costs, and other discount deals.

Searching for a Reputable Modafinil Pharmacy

As mentioned, there are plenty of online vendors that sell Provigil online without a prescription. Of course, they’re not all good or reputable, so you need to know how to find one that is.

1. Online Safety

When it comes to shopping online, especially in countries without many regulations, safety is important to consider.

Setting up a new account requires providing your email and creating a password. Less reputable vendors will sell both of these to others who may try to use the combination on other websites. Even if it’s only your email that’s sold, you’ll find your inbox getting cluttered with spam each day.

For this reason alone, you want to pick a vendor with a good reputation for integrity and who will prioritize customer security.

It’s not enough just to look at the website these days. The best scam websites look like legitimate vendors but won’t actually deliver what they sell you after they get the money. Some red flags to watch out for include:

  • Domain names with strange spelling
  • Offers that seem too good to be true
  • Payments that don’t use secure processes
  • Lack of response from customer service
  • No return policy or no address
  • Requests payment via bank transfer

2. Supplier Reputation

Every time you make a purchase online, you trust the company you send your money and information to. Because of this, it’s crucial to pick a vendor that already has a good history. This isn’t hard to research, though; check review websites and forums like Reddit or Blue Light. Check out the name of the vendor +Trustpilot. BuyModa and Afinilexpress have many legitimate TrustPilot reviews. ModafinilXL does not. Use common sense.

3. Quality Products

Even if a vendor sends you a product, less reputable vendors won’t send you very potent products. Unfortunately, this is harder to identify if you have never purchased with a vendor before.

That’s why you want to research the company thoroughly before committing to something. Read as many articles as you can about others who have had experiences with a particular vendor, as well as forums.

AfinilExpress Is Now Closed

Once, AfinilExpress was considered the de facto leader for supplying quality pharmacy-made Provigil. Unfortunately, the vendor has shut down since then.

The company did not provide any reason for shutting the website down, but they did say it was a voluntary choice and not due to security, logistics, or legal concerns. That means it was likely profitability that caused the company to shut down.

Afinilexpress follows in the footsteps of other former industry leaders in shutting down; Duckdose, Modafinilcat, Buymod, Modup, and Modafinilstar to name a few. Right now the clear leader in the space is, but also have a peek at the Russian-owned ModafinilXL.

Buying Provigil From Other Countries

As previously stated, the laws regarding Provigil vary depending on where you live and where the drug was made. It’s best to think of Provigil as a prescription-only medication, meaning you can’t just walk into a store and buy it without a doctor’s prescription in hand.

Nonetheless, you can purchase it from online vendors headquartered in countries without such strict laws. Plus, it’s not illegal to buy or possess Provigil in most places. If border security discovers the drug in the mail, they’ll send you a letter asking you to send them your prescription to customs to verify the order. Failure to send a prescription doesn’t result in legal ramifications; the drugs will just be destroyed.

Getting pharmaceuticals across the border in countries like Greece can be a challenge. In these cases, it helps to rely on a mail forwarding service to complete the transaction. This means sending your purchase to an American address so that another company can repackage the contents and then mail it to Canada. It’s more likely to reach your home compared to shipping directly.

Specifically, regarding Canada, BuyModa is the only vendor that we know of that offers guaranteed shipment to Canada.

The Verdict on Buying Modafinil Online

Although you want to make sure you do all of your research before settling on a vendor, actually buying Provigil isn’t difficult to do. We recommend BuyModa to try since Afinil Express recently shut down.

After picking your vendor, think about how many tablets of Provigil you’ll need. You’ll also want to pick a type: Waklert, Modvigil, Modalert, and Artvigil are the most popular ones.

Once you’ve made your decision, it’s time to make your payment. BuyModa and similar vendors allow you to pay by credit cards, by Paypal, or by Bitcoin. With Bitcoin, you’ll get a 35 percent discount. Of course, that first requires you to know how to get started with Bitcoin. If that’s not an extra step you’re interested in dealing with, your credit card will do just fine.

Finally, the last thing to do is wait for the Provigil to arrive. Depending on where you’re located, it can take one to three weeks. BuyModa seems to project 8 working days to arrive and according to many reviews, they actually deliver on that schedule.

Usually, there is no problem receiving your package in the mail. If agents confiscate the package at the border and you have no prescription information you can send them, they will send a letter and that’s it. Get in touch with your friendly modafinil vendor and they should reship you at the drop of a pin. The best vendors will either send another package for free or refund the money you paid.

Before Taking Modafinil

If you have ever had an allergic reaction, such as a skin rash, after taking armodafinil (Nuvigil) or modafinil (Provigil), you should not try taking it again.

To be sure that taking Provigil will be safe for you, you’ll want to discuss it with your doctor first. Be sure to let her know if you have:

  • Kidney disease
  • History of heart attack
  • History of high blood pressure
  • Cirrhosis
  • Other liver problems
  • Angina (chest pain)
  • History of alcoholism or drug addiction

There is not enough information to determine whether Provigil will harm fetal health. If you plan to become pregnant or already are, be sure to tell your doctor before taking the drug. Likewise, it’s not known if Provigil ends up in the breast milk, nor whether it will harm a baby that is nursing.

The drug can also render birth control less effective. Implants, pills, injections, vaginal rings, and skin patches may all stop working as well while taking Provigil. Your doctor will have advice for the best contraception options if you must take Provigil.

Provigil should only be taken by adults over the age of 18.

How to Take Modafinil

As with all medications, it’s important to all the directions on the label. Never take Provigil in larger amounts than prescribed, and don’t use it for longer than is recommended because it can be habit-forming. You should never share your medication with someone else, either, especially if they have a history of addiction or drug abuse. Likewise, keep the Provigil away from places where someone else could access it. Finally, never give away or sell your Provigil; it’s against the law.

Usually, you’ll take Provigil first thing in the morning so you don’t experience daytime sleepiness. Alternatively, you might take it an hour before starting work if you suffer from sleep disorders during work hours. Be sure to read any guides and information that is provided to you when you make your purchase. If you have questions, it’s best to ask your doctor for answers that apply to your specific needs and situation.

You can take Provigil with or without food. Usually, the regimen lasts no longer than 12 weeks.

If you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea and wish to take Provigil to treat associated sleepiness, it is also wise to be treated for the apnea itself. This involves a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine. It’s a mask worn throughout the night connected to an air pump which gently blows air into the nose to ensure you get enough oxygen overnight. You still breathe on your own without assistance; the gentle force of air simply prevents obstruction.

Never stop using your CPAP machine unless specifically told otherwise by your doctor. The best treatment for your apnea may be the CPAP machine combined with Provigil. The drug alone cannot cure obstructive sleep apnea or deal with any of its causes; the only thing Provigil will do here is treating the sleepiness that naturally comes from unrestful sleep, and no drug works as a suitable replacement for getting enough sleep.

Store modafinil at room temperature, and be sure to keep it away from both moisture and heat. Talk to your doctor if you still find yourself struggling with sleepiness despite a consistent dose of Provigil.

Possible Side Effects of Modafinil

Although the side effects of Provigil are less severe and less likely to occur compared to Adderall and Ritalin, certain problems can still cause alarm.

The biggest concern to worry about is an allergic reaction, during which a person would have difficulty breathing and experience swelling in the tongue, face, lips, and throat. Provigil can also cause severe skin reactions that require hospital treatment. Do not take this medication and head to the emergency room if Provigil causes:

  • Fever with shortness of breath
  • Blisters, hives, or peeling skin rash
  • Jaundice (yellowing of the eyes or skin)
  • Dark urine
  • Swelling in the legs
  • Swelling in the throat, tongue, lips, eyes, and face
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Mouth sores

Call your doctor right away if you experience the following on Provigil:

  • Chest pain
  • Hallucinations
  • Unusually aggressive behavior
  • Trouble breathing
  • Heart palpitations
  • Unusual thoughts
  • Suicidal thoughts or actions
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

The more common side effects of Provigil include:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Feeling nervous
  • Stuffy nose
  • Anxiety
  • Upset stomach or diarrhea
  • Insomnia

Modafinil Dosing Information

For an adult suffering from narcolepsy, the common dose is 200 mg first thing in the morning. If you are looking to treat obstructive sleep apnea or hypopnea syndrome, seek out CPAP therapy and take 200 mg first thing in the morning. If you get a CPAP machine to help treat the apnea, it is important to continue using it until your doctor says otherwise.

Adults who experience excessive sleepiness during the workday typically take 200 mg one hour before the start of their work shift. Because it only takes an hour to kick in, this is sufficient time.

Drug Interactions

Other drugs you’re taking can interact with Provigil, including over-the-counter medicines, herbal products, or other prescription medications.

For example, Provigil will interact with citalopram by making your blood more sensitive to the latter. This increases the likelihood of side effects related to citalopram, including lightheadedness and shortness of breath. On the other end of the spectrum, Provigil also interacts with drugs like butorphanol and makes them less effective.

At the end of the day, it’s important to talk to your doctor about Modafinil and potential interactions if you are taking anything else at all. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your health.

Modafinil Star Review – Out of Business

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Modafinilstar closed down

Modafinilstar was one of the longest lasting modafinil vendors around, that is, until today. Over the night they closed down their shop and put up a notice saying they were closing down indefinitely but would honor their existing orders, then delete all of the data once the last order was fulfilled.

The circumstances as to why ModafinilStar has closed are unclear, and probably will remain unclear.

In the early hours of the morning, Modstar sent a heads-up email to their affiliates informing them that they would be closing down. When I get the contents of this email I will post it here for my fellow nootropics lovers to read.

As far as the only big modafinil pharmacies still standing there is Afinil Express and BuyModa. I’d recommend Buymoda over Afinilexpress as they are run entirely differently and it shows.

With the fall of Modafinilstar, they join the unenviable former stars of modafinil, the likes of Modafinilcat and Duckdose. RIP, Modafinilstar!



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